Knitting tv show!

this might be old news to some of you, but I was flicking through the channels trying to find something for my son to watch and I came across Knitting Daily TV!

its on PBS here Friday at 11am

It was interesting!

My local PBS doesn’t carry it :sad:

It’s been around for awhile…maybe a year?.. although I don’t think I can get it yet.

Mine too neither.
It also makes me mad that Create doesn’t carry Knit and Crochet Today all the time yet they always have quilting, sewing, painting and worst of all - fake cooking shows that are more like eating shows.

My pbs doesn’t carry it either. You can get the first season on dvd and the knittingdaily website has links to parts of the shows, and has free patterns from them too.

You can purchase the seasons at interweave’s website. I purchased them since my PBS station does not carry the show.

Cool, is it season 2 already or season 1? My PBS showed 1 ending a couple of months ago and I’m on the lookout for the next one :wink:

Hey Mike, if you still want to watch the Knit & Crochet Today shows, they have them online here:

I had to use that to watch the show I missed from the second half of the second season because Create messed up and reran the first half and then went back into the first season.

It was the entralac episode. I had made the pillow from the patterns but hadn’t seen the show.