Knitting Tips

I thought it would be fun to share our knitting tips that we’ve come up with that make knitting easier. These are tips that weren’t learned from a knitting how-to book, but instead developed because of trial and error or just good old brilliance. (Cause you know, knitters are geniuses!! I mean, who else can make a sweater from a piece of string??)

Show your brainy side and list your clever tips!! Oh… they don’t have to be YOUR solutions, they can be tips you’ve heard from other knitters too. :slight_smile:

Here’s a few of mine…

If you’re knitting in the round and the pattern instructs you to place stitch markers at the beginning and the center (other side), use a RED marker for the start of the round, and a GREEN one for the center. When knitting along, you’ll never forget which is which. Green means GO on knitting the round, Red means STOP (end of round).

Need to divide a skein evenly for two matching items (IE socks)? Wind a second ball from the first, keeping them connected. Weigh them both by themselves, adjusting by winding more yarn to one or the other until they’re even in weight. Then cut the yarn to separate them.

Knit sleeves at the same time on one needle, with two balls of yarn. They’ll always be dead on even in length.

I do the same thing with the colors of the stitch markers!

I also knit both sleeves at the same time, as well as the two sides of a cardigan.

Long tail cast on with two balls/ends of yarn.

I always knit in the ends as I go whenever possible. Much less work at the end of a project.

If I think of any more that are not obvious, I’ll be back.

I’ve found that when my bamboo needles start sticking, if I rub a candle, dryer sheet, or some Pledge, all over them, they allow the yarn to slide easier. :thumbsup:

I also keep all my leftover or scrap yarn in individual ziplock sandwich bags. That way, they don’t tangle up and they don’t sit in my basket, cluttering it.

Another I thought of–

Using post-it notes for charts, blocking off all the rows you haven’t done and having the working row right below the edge is pretty common.

I always use two post-its, one next to the other, so I can move them one at a time and not lose my place. When I’ve used one, I take it off and if I get distracted, I don’t know where to put it back without checking my knitting.

Enlarging charts on a copy machine, too.

I think the whole world knows that I knit socks in tandem…decided to buy a second set of same size dpns one day to knit them at the same time; I later found out that several people were doing that!

I also started putting my balls of yarn in ziplock bags & cutting hole in corner for yarn; later found out lots of knitters were doing that, too…lol!

I suppose we are a group that have the same train of thoughts?!
Supper is about to burn…I’ll have to think of others!
Great thread, Silver :thumbsup:

EDIT…remembered another; when blocking something; I run dental floss (was going to use fishing line, but didn’t have any) thru the side seams with a tapesty needle and then tack down the ends of the floss bc I don’t have those blocking wires, I improvised with ‘found objects’…dental floss!

Yet another; right after I started knitting last year I started putting everything written/typed/printed/bought in page protectors & 3 ring binder that I’ve also found out we all do…GREAT MINDS…

My sweet husband bought the zipper case that goes in 3 ring binders (remember from school…for our pencils, pens, etc :wink: ) for me to put accessories in to keep at hand. Of course my collection of ‘accessories’ has since grown…but, this zippered ‘3 ring binder container’ (or whatever it’s called… :roflhard: ) will go with me tomorrow when we go to Charleston with my out of town necessities in it :smiley: …I have a very sweet & ingenious husband :inlove:

OMGosh, thought of another, everytime I submit this post…I think of another…lol! I put rubber bands or twist ties (I’ve also used a bit of silly putty with plastic on it on the end of the needles…lol) at the end of my needles to keep the yarn on bc I lost all of my point protectors

[color=red]ANOTHER EDIT[/color] I write everything down; then type it into my palm software on computer and then hotsync it to my pda; I’ve been doing this since I started knitting…LOL, then I found out not too terribly long ago that there is pda software for this…but I think my method works GREAT :smiley:

Keep a small notebook in your knitting bag to help you keep track of pattern repeats and for working on those knitting/math problems.

I also include in that notebook a list for all of my projects along with the materials for each, including yarn and needle sizes. Yet another list for the needles that I own (separated by type and size) so that if I find a good deal or get a coupon I know exactly what I have and exactly what I’ll need in the future.

Sounds anal but after I bought my third pair of straight size 6 needles I decided that a list would save me money!

For those of you who are talking about knitting two sleeves at the same time, can you explain?? :?? Thanks.

You basically cast on both sleeves on one needle with two balls of yarn. They’re not connected in anyway, use one ball for one and one for the other. No big secret.

but when doing this, make sure that you put some type of stitch marker inbetween the sleeves, like the RED for stop, that way you know to drop one yarn and pick up the next. ask me how I know??? lol…

[size=2]knit too many rows toghether that shouldn’t have been together.[/size]

:roflhard: :roflhard: It takes a brave woman to admit that!!

It takes a brave woman to admit that!!

brave or…uuhhh…hmmm…STUPID…I knit cuz I don’t have to pay TOOOOOOOO close attention to what I am doing. Count a couple rows here and there, make the flags big enough for my adult ADD brain to notice, and I am in. :slight_smile: can you say that LACE is not in my future???

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: That sounds like something I would do too!

Tip: I haven’t actually done this yet, but I plan to. You know how we all have a mental and/or written list of future projects? Carry a card in your wallet with the gauge/amount/type of yarn needed…you never know when you’ll run into a good deal (obviously, I have experience :slight_smile: )

I do this all the time. It DOES come in handy. Great tip! :thumbsup:

[color=indigo]I put all my knitting knotions[/color] (scissors, post-it notes, needles, cable needles, crochet hook, stitch markers, point protectors mechanical pencils & lead, tape measure, and gloves in a bottle lotion) [color=indigo]in a small clear cosmetic bag. That way I can transfer it from one WIP bag to another plus I can see through it and find things easier.[/color] :thumbsup: