Knitting Tips Class

If you were going to teach a knitting tips and tricks class for beginning to intermediate knitters, what would you consider good or essential information. If you were going to take a class, what would you like to make sure was covered in it? What are the “ah ha” :figureditout: moments you wish someone had told you long before you figured them out yourself?

  1. Learn to tell what the stitches look like, that they have two sides and one is a knit the other a purl.

  2. What is a lifeline and how to use it.

  3. How to pick up stitches from the sides of your work.

  4. How to slip stitches and make a nice edge.

  5. How to wrap and turn.

  6. Why that loose stitch is at the end of the row.

I’ve only been at it for two weeks, but those 6 things are all things I hear a lot and would LOVE to learn about! Unfortunately I can’t find a class near me at a time that I’m not already commited to something…

Slightly off topic - I could get a private lesson ($20 for one hour), do you think all of that could be covered in that time?

I think how to fix all kinds of mistakes would be important. KNow one seems to teach that. I spend alot of time trying to figure out mistakes.

Thanks so much for the input. :woohoo:

jomac30, what kind of mistakes come to mind for you?

Good ideas, Jan, and thanks. There are so many things associated with knitting, beyond learning how to make the sts, it’s kind of overwhelming to list all the things to learn…

I am astounded at how much I’ve learned, once it’s in a list!

Keep the ideas comin! :poke:

How to pick up a dropped stitch.

Preventing ladders in sock making.

Sewing seams together.

Placing stitches on a holder and picking them back up.

And, even something as simple as adding a new ball of yarn.

when working on a pattern for an afghan, if the pattern doesn’t look right, I have to rip it back and fix it and sometimes I’m not sure where I messed up in the pattern. Once this took my two days to figure it out and when I finally fixed it I never really knew HOW I fixed it. It just sort of ended up fixed and I was amazed.

Also if I forget a yarn over and don’t notice it right away, I don’t know how to create a yarn over without ripping out all the rows I’ve worked after the mistake. IS THERE A WAY TO DO THIS?

I guess I have a hard time fixing mistakes if I’m working in a pattern.
Stockinette mistakes are easy to fix. Pattern stitches are confusing to fix.

That it’s GOOD to write on your patterns so you can keep track of where you are. (Or, in my case, I put sticky notes on my patterns and write on those - just in case I make the pattern again.)

How to make a scarf that doesn’t curl.

Nope. You just have to rip back and redo that row. Or learn to live with it. :wink:

I thought of another one…finding a destination row if you need to rip back.

  1. That first you choose the pattern and then the yarn. Doing it the other way around means you spend hours searching for a pattern you like that fits the tension of the yarn you bought.

  2. How to knit ribs. It seems so simple in the pattern but not so in reality.

  3. Knitting on circular needles and magic loop. Can’t do it, can’t do it.

  4. Different ways of casting on.

  5. How to use the internet as an invaluable resource.


Again much thanks!:muah:

Great ideas. And I agree that the internet is the best source of information. The ladies in the knitting group (including the owners), about 80% of them just stare at me when I suggest the internet…:teehee: