Knitting Tip

Hey everyone, I wanted to share a tip I thought of a few days ago. I’m sure someone has thought of it before but thought I’d share it anyway. I only have one pair of knitting needles (straight aluminum ones) that have a project on them already and needed to start another one I took a regular wooden skewer and took a ball of clay and stuck it on one end so the project wouldn’t fall off,and carefully transferred the project from the needles to the skewer then stuck another ball of clay on the end so it couldn’t come off it was of course backwards but when I’m ready to put them back on the aluminum ones it will be the right way.:slight_smile:

good idea for a quick stitch holder!:cheering: :thumbsup:

You can also thread them onto another piece of yarn using a yarn needle and then tie the yarn ends together in a loop to hold the sts. Just in case you don’t have a dowel. :slight_smile:

Great ideas, y’all!!:grphug: