Knitting time limited?

Anyone else feel like they don’t get nearly enough time to knit? I host a couple of blogs, belong to MOMS Club, visit our Autism Ctr. weekly, run the munchkin to dance & preschool all week, try and get some cleaning and cooking done… I feel like I never have time to knit. I’m knitting a bit right now (but at the expense of my housework - shhh, don’t tell DH). I knit twice a week for 4 hours total (on average). In that time, I seem to have to re-read the pattern 800 times because I am interrupted 800 times. I’m so frustrated with the lack of knitting! :hair:

I agree with you. I wish I could have an allotted amount of time everyday to just knit. Kinda like a lunch break, only just knitting. Every time I really get started, i have to stop. I find myself getting up in late at night and knitting while everyone is asleep. But then I’m tired in the morning. When my DH comes in and sees me knitting, he sometimes gives me a look of “is that what you’ve been doing all day.” I have pretty much just been knitting quick and projects, so I can have a feeling of accomplishment. Plus I don’t have to reread the pattern so much.

I think I need at least 24 MORE hours in every day!

I hear you! Finding time to knit with young kids is so hard. Now that my boys are a little older and do some of their activities without me, I can get some knitting done while I’m watching them at swimming or gymnastics. It’s still not enough though!

I often work long hours at the office, so I don’t have much time to knit during the week. That leaves my knitting to be done on the weekends; along with housework, grocery shopping, and other chores. I wish I had more time to knit!

I’m an early riser (getting earlier and earlier the older I get) and so I usually get at least an hour a day of knitting… Plus my husband is an avid remote control airplane hobbiest and enjoys building his planes in the evening. So I can easily sit down with my projects without feeling guilty… it’s great :woohoo:

I never have enough knitting time - and if I do, I’m taking away from other things I should be doing. That being said, my “baby” is 19 and away at college, so I’m sure I have way more time than those of you with little ones. I don’t know how much knitting I would’ve gotten in when my girls were little. Although I’ve always done some kind of craft, so who knows.

So are you telling me when I get married I should look for a remote control airplane hobbiest??!? :teehee:

I’m in the same boat. I have a little 3 y/o at home and we are busy all day. I get about 30-60 minutes in the afternoon and about 60 minutes in at night. Not enough time!

I am so backed up on my knitting. I wanted to do a sweater for hubby and a dress/sweater set for daughter and a few Christmas gifts but I have no idea how I will get all that done in 23 days!


I have 9 kids; the youngest is six. I keep looking at all the comments about people with babies and little ones knitting—and can’t imagine how you do it AT ALL!!

I’ve only had time in the last 2 years to learn. Now my only knitting time is during lessons and rehearsal where I have to drive the older kids, and a little time in the evenings.

I admire any of you younger folks with kiddos who find time to knit a stitch at all. Your time will come with they are older. :slight_smile:

I think we are all in the same boat… I have two ages 4 and 10 - when they were both younger I couldn’t knit, quilt or sew :tap:

As they got older I was able to eek out a few minutes here and there (not really productive, but a little at a time goes a long way) I also had to do small projects.

My youngest is old enough that I knit while he is in the bathtub… I’m sitting right there, with a small very easy project which I can drop in an instant if need to. It helps, I get to knit some and my son doesn’t care because he’s in the bathtub.

I save my harder projects for after my kids are in bed (sits on my nightstand) - even if I get two rows completed, I’m farther along than I was the day before. (I’ve been known to fall asleep knitting :teehee:

If you have a DH and they have a hobby - it works out great - they work on their hobby and understand when you are working on yours.

Moms - I also encourage you to get your kids to help you clean - eeeeek!!! My 4yr old loves to dust - I give him a swifter and he dusts every flat surface. I have my oldest vacum… while my youngest is dusting, my oldest is vacuming, I clean the kitchen, do laundry, etc… Housework gets done, my kids are doing/learning something, and I get more time for other things :cheering:
Also - never underestimate the power of Spongebob… I hate that show, my kids love it… 30 min of fun for them, 30 minutes of me time = peace and quiet, knitting time or dare I even say it - call someone on the phone and not be interupted 18 times.

A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do :slight_smile:

Lisa, you have 9 kids and find time to knit?!! I totally admire you. Kids take a lot of time, no matter what their age.

I have two little ones- 4 and 6. I also work FT outside the home. So, I mostly knit during wait times, or after the kids are in bed. They go to bed at 7, so I have some time before I fall asleep too. My DH is a computer gamer, so he’s busy most evenings with that, or we watch TV together and I knit. My favorite time of the week is the hour while my oldest is in gymnastics and I get to sit and knit guilt-free for the whole hour! :slight_smile:

9 kiddos? You deserve a knitting RETREAT! :slight_smile:

I hear you…I try to knit while I eat lunch at work, but lately I’ve been eating [I]while[/I] I work! The only time I had to knit all week was at the mechanic’s waiting for my car. I guess I’ll get another knitting hour next week when I take it back for more repairs!

I do most of my knitting while DH and I are sprawled in fron to fthe TV on the weekends, and that’s not much time at all. I’m working on a neckwarmer for myself, and if I don’t make time to knit it, I’ll have it ready for June! :teehee: