Knitting Tightly / Loosely

I’m working on a scarf in the round with simple stockinette stitch. Everything is going great except that my knitting is not consistent. I can’t seem to make all my stitches the ‘same size,’ ie, some rows look fatter / looser than others. Is this something that will just improve with time, or can I do something specific to manage the tension of the yarn better? I guess I’ve noticed that when I have the yarn pushed back away from the points of the needles it ends up being a looser row but it seems like to keep things the same I’m constantly having to push the yarn back and forth on the circular needles.

I may not be making any sense because it’s 1:45am :eyes:

It is mostly just a matter of practice.
Try practicing making short length swatches on your needles using left over yarns.

Making stitches at the tips results in tighter stitches. You have to find a position that’s in between. The way you hold your yarn is a major part in what sort of tension you get. I thread mine through my fingers, no finger wraps, and find that it’s tighter when the yarn is close to my hand, and looser when it’s toward my fingertips.

It is a matter of practice; blocking or washing your piece when done helps even out the stitches for now.

You should push your needle all the way through the hole when knitting each stitch, and it will keep the stitches even. That’s why knitting needles are made in different sizes, because the width of the needle creates loops of equal size.