Knitting through the back loop?

Hi All - I’m new to knitting (started just after Christmas). I think I have mastered the garter stitch, and am trying to do a dropped stitch scarf. The instructions say to knit through the back loop. I can take a guess at that but hate to get too far into this scarf to find out I was completely wrong. I am hoping to give this scarf as a gift next Friday. Does anyone know where I might find a reference for this? I appreciate any help that you all feel like sending a newbie!

It means you will insert your needle into the back of the stitch instead of the front of it. This will give you a twisted stitch.

Lion Brand’s website has some excellent illustrations here.

Thank you - I will give this a try. BTW, this web site is amazing! I am getting such a kick out of knitting (honestly I didn’t think I could sit still long enough to knit a potholder).

Wahoo! I was doing it right! Thanks again!

Knitting is wonderful! I actually started knitting when I had a stressful job that required a lot of travel because it was portable. For me, knitting is like meditation. :slight_smile: