Knitting Thimbles

Hey - check out my latest find at Wally World…

I read about knitting thimbles a while back, but have never actually seen any in the stores - until today!! :mrgreen:

I haven’t used them yet. It should be fun to work with them for the first time…

I’ve always been curious if they’d be of any use–be sure to give us a complete report!

Certainly!!! :thumbsup: Too bad I can’t do it right now - I’m nowhere near my stash sob >teehehe<

How do they work? :??

I tried using one one time, but I can’t seem to knit with something like that on my finger. LOL, I couldn’t even knit with a bandaid that was on my finger to cover the holes I had poked in it with sharp dpns…took the bandaid off and knit on until it turned into a callous :blush:

:thinking: So are, I tried both of them with one color conti-knitting. The red one is a little cumbersome because it’s not form fitting; it slides around your finger way too much. But I can see the metal working rather well with two colors. I think it would be better though if it sat higher on the finger (that is … closer to the finger tip).

I’m off to try it w/ English knitting now… :thumbsup:

First thought on english knitting with the thimble… the metal one is pretty much useless english style. But the red one works better english style :wink: Oh now I really can’t wait to try it with two colors (with the metal one) and up to fours colors with the red one … :drooling: