Knitting the wrong way? (updated: there is a difference!)

I was watching Amy’s videos today and I found out that I might have been knitting the wrong way :shrug:

This is how Amy knits:

But I knit this way:

I don’t know if it’s gonna be a big deal :thinking: All my knitting look fine though :shrug:

I can’t comment on the knitting, but your illustrations are really beautiful. DId you draw them?

Yes, I did :teehee: Those are my drawings. :rofl:

Drawing is another one of my hobbies you know :wink:

How silly I must look!!! :roflhard: I’m sitting here “mock” knitting, trying to remember which direction I knit in… Ummm… I think I do “under then over” too… I think! Yeah, I’m pretty sure… but I can’t see how it would make the knitting look ‘wrong’ doing it the other way?

It looks like you may be knitting combined - are your stitches twisted on the next row? It looks like they are going on twisted from your illustration. This shouldn’t cause a problem as long as you remember that
your stitches are twisted and may need to be reoriented for some things - like a k2tog. See the videos and Annie Modesitt’s site for more info on knitting combined.


hmm… I’ve checked the combined knitting on her site but I don’t think that’s what I’m doing :? And by the way I forgot to add that I’m an English knitter, so that’s why I’m talking about throwing the yarn clockwise or counter clockwise.

I used to knit this way! My best friend taught me to knit a couple years ago. And I just made a scarf or two and never really did anything else. She said she saw it on some website and learned the basic knit stitch, and that is the way she taught me. Then I really wanted to get serious about knitting so I found this wonderful website and saw the way Amy was knitting. I thought maybe she just knit differently, but then I saw more and more people knit the “right” way, so I broke myself of my old knitting habit and started knitting by going under/over instead of over/under. I don’t think its a big deal either, but I think if you did something really advanced it may make your stitches a little funky. I like the right way much better anyway. :teehee:

I knit over under, never have twisted stitches and don’t have any trouble with k2 tog or anything. Now, I am left handed and knit left handed so I don’t know if that would make the difference. All I know is my stuff comes out fine!

[color=indigo]It’s not the wrong way or right way. It’s a different way. :eyebrow: If the finished product comes out looking like you want it to, ya musta done somethin’ right! :happydance: [/color]

This is something I totally agree with :slight_smile:

No it’s not combined, that twists the stitches when you purl. You’re twisting the stitches as you knit, although if you insert your needle through the back leg on the next row, it would come out untwisted. It’s interesting, I just tried it to see what happens and realized over/under is how one normally purls. If your stitches are untwisted or you like how they look, it’s okay.


I used to do this, too. I also purled into the backloop, so none of my stitches were twisted. I’ve since fixed this, thanks to KellyK and Amy. :notworthy:

This is something I totally agree with :)[/quote]

Me too

I’m glad I found this thread…great drawing, btw! :wink:

I knit continental (yarn on the left hand) and I’ve been knitting the under to over (drawing #1) way since the beginning, I just started one project (Sun Ray Shawl) and had to go with the over to under (#2) and what I found was that both methods look exactly the same, but the over to under doesn’t curl!

Reason: The shawl starts with 9 rows of 3 stitches (garter stitch) and it was rolling one full revolution with each row! So just for grins I frogged and restarted doing over to under method and sure enough, it’s makes the knit stitch tighter which seems to be what keeps it from curling.

I hope that all makes sense. :eyebrow:

I know Annie, who takes credit for describing Combined, defines it as purling with the wool differently, knitting normally… but in my opinion someone who wraps the wool differently fits the definition if that’s a general functional definition. Are you sure this doesn’t give you twisted stitches? Can you post a photo of both needles halfway through a knit row? I don’t see how you could do this without it resulting in twisted stitches, am I missing something?

Re. the person who finds wrapping in this direction eliminates rolling… is it possible that you are neglecting to correct the stitches, knitting the right leg normally, thereby twisting them, and getting a tighter fabric as a result?


If you think of the knit stitch backwards, the purl is an over to under, so the exact opposite (knit) would also be over to under.

I don’t know if that helps. Maybe someone can do a swatch and see, I really don’t see a difference in the stitches at all, except that the under to over results in a loser stitch and rolling.

I think if you get the right knitted fabric, than you can knit any way you want to.

:zombie: I think I’ll have to try knitting both ways again then, just to see the difference. I think I’ll be posting photos.

Okay, so after I did my swatch, my conclusion is that it’s the same both ways! :slight_smile: (updated: only the same on flat knitting)

Here are the pictures:

But… I’ve been digging through my old projects and had another discovery :wink:

The two ways are going to be different when you knit in the round(not gonna be different on flat knitting though). When you knit over then under, your stitches do apppear to be twisted.

Here are the pictures:


And If you knit under then over, your stitches are normal.


Notice the difference? :smiley: