KNitting the wrong way... questions

i have been knitting wrong since january… i watched all the videos on this site and seen it in many books and websites all done the right way but some how i fliped it in my head and just noticed now… i have grown very comftable knitting the wrong way and from what i see it looks the same to me finsihed wise…

what i mean by knitting wrong is …you know how on the knitting video you go in to the stich kinda before the loop? well i go in from the outside like im purling only instead of the front in a purl its the other side of the needle… i dont know how to exsplain it and i dont know how my brain switched it

my question is… can i continue working like that? it looks the same in the end… or should i try and do it the other way (which is REALLY hard for me)… will doing it backwards mess me up in the long run for the increaseing and decreaseing and all that jazz??

what do you think? please thanks :thumbsup:

I did the same thing on the first piece I ever knit, and found out later I was making twisted stitches…I think you are knitting with the continental method…check out Amy’s video on that & tell us if that’s what you are doing./

i think im continental but i dont hold the string the correct way… while i was over looking at the videos again i looked at the “Combined Knitting” video and thats what i seem to be doing… and im happy now that i dont have to do the normal way becuase that is hard lol… i guess i dont need this tread any more

thank you for your help YOU RULE! :cheering:


Um…thanks…I TRY to rule…

Be careful, though, with combined knitting. As Amy says, it produces a twisted stich that wont work with some decreases & patterns.

I back up Kelly on this one…

I was taught combined knitting when I was very young and knit that way for most of my life, but ulimatly switched to un-combined (as it were) because it was just too damn hard to follow patterns. When you get to knitting in the round (and the lure of the sock or hat will probably pull you in that direction in time), combinded knitting may really throw you off.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with combinded knitting… Especially for knitting garter/stockinette stitch in the flat. It worked for me for MANY MANY years with no complaints what-so-ever. But as I got more funk-tastic with my paterns and experimentation, I decided I had to make the switch so I could more easily comprehend what was going on.

After knitting combinded style for so many years, I found the uncombinded really strange at first. I had to think through every stitch for a while, had to learn how to wrap the yarn differently, had to learn to knit all over again. It felt like forever of being a dork with the needles. But it was really only one day of sitting at the computer futzing around. I also taught myself to knit continental (holding the yarn with my left hand) and am ever so glad I did. Un-combinded and continental go together like peas in a pod.

Do what ever feels most comfortable, but I would reccomend spending some serious time to learn un-combined, even if you primarily knit combinded. It never ever hurts to know more that one way to skin a cat. Er, knit a row. That way, if you come to patterns that lend themselves more to one way than the other, you’ll be prepared :slight_smile:

This weekend i locked myself in my room space with my compy a new stictch 'n bitch handbook and knitting gear… and after many attempts i have figured it out… i fixed my knit… but than my purl was wacked out… now im super shiny… now im working on increaseing and decreaseing

here is how i did it read book “oh that sounds easy… what the hell are thoes pictures doing i dont get it” watch KnittingHelp video " OooOooo cool" pratice until your hands hurt… 2am this morning i made my first “chart” thingy so im happy…it looks crappy but thats what ya get for 2am knitting lol

thank you both HUGS