Knitting the thumb on fingerless mittens

I’m working on this fingerless mitten pattern:

and I am trying to figure out where / how / what - on the thumb gusset, which is now on scrap yarn - where is the yarn coming from to knit the rest of the thumb??

I mean, I created the gusset, put it on the scrap yarn, knitted the rest of the glove and now… where / how / uh, I’m just confused about where the yarn should come from, or go, or whatever to knit the rest of the thumb.

Thanks for the help - I’ve looked at lots of other patterns and I still don’t have a clue. If I just grab the end of the ball - how in the heck does it stay there? (is this a crazy question??)

Cut the yarn after you’ve bound off the top portion of the glove. Then, just start the knitting the thumb with the end of the ball. As long as you leave a long enough tail (say five inches), it shouldn’t come unraveled. And, when you’re done, you weave in the end to secure it.

Just start knitting with a new strand. If you want, you can knit the second stitch with both the strand and the tail and either treat those 2 loops as one, or use each one separately and call it an increase.


since I am using patterned sock yarn, I have to unwind the ball to find the pattern to make it match, I guess… hmmm…