Knitting the simplest cap of all

and I am getting concerned. The head hole seems HUGE. Should I just keep going or should the head hole be form-fitting, already? THanks! :muah:

Where’s the pattern? Do you have a link? Sounds like it may be tooooo big.

Here is the link

I am doing it on circulars…so maybe that is my problem? I am not sure

Are you using the yarn and needles suggested by the pattern? Perhaps you CO on too many?

I am using a bulky yarn (like they say) and size 10 needles. I checked my gauge too! :??

Possibly you just knit loosely. Are you making it for a child? To adjust size just co less stitches.

It is for me. I guess I will frog it and try again. Thanks for your help!

Oh too bad you had to frog it! ? Well, knit and learn as I say!
I have this link printed out, I keep it in my notebook and refer to it when I’m doing new hats. Maybe you’ll find it helpful in the future, it’s pretty neat.

cheers, Vic

You might consider using this pattern next time. It can look the same as the Simplest Cap, but you can work with your own gauge and yarn.