Knitting the Same Stitch Twice

Question: I’m drafting a pattern for a vest and I’m trying to get a shoulder pad look. Is there a technique for this? I’ve had some success so far by growing the shoulder out from the armpit by knitting a stitch, returning it to the needle and knitting it again. Is there a name for this method? Or is there an easier way to achieve this look. I’ve inserted a photo below as a reference for what I’m trying to achieve.

Shoulder Pads

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This looks like an increase in patternseveral times near the underarm. Are you increasing stitches with the method you’re using?

Hi there! I’ve been increasing the stitches near the shoulder, not the armpit. But I haven’t been using the traditional knit the same stitch twice method, where you knit one and then knit through the back loop. I’ve been knitting the stitch, transferring it back to the original needle, and then knitting it again. Which I don’t think is a real method hahaha.

You may have invented a new method. As long as you get as smooth an increase as you like, it’s good. I’ll be interested to see your vest when you finish!