Knitting the last and first st together on double needles

Hi, I’am a beginner knitter and i’am trying to work on a beginner pattern for some socks on double pointed needles and i can’t figure this out.
The pattern says ‘‘Being careful not to twist the sts join in the round,by knitting the last and first st together’’.I don’t get what it means by knitting the last and first stitch together on double pointed needles.
Could you guys please help me by explaining what it means and how to do it because this is getting me confused and crazy.

Thanks. :??

I don’t know why it’s put that way, but I think it just means to join the stitches in the round.

So what you do is, with the working yarn on right needle and holding it close to the first needle, insert an empty needle knitwise into the first cast-on stitch. Bring the working yarn around the empty needle as you would normally do to knit. Finish the stitch and pull the working yarn tight, making sure the new needle and the needle to the right are very close together.

Try this video:

It’s probably much better explained in there!

After casting on, you can slip the first stitch on the right needle p-wise to the left needle. Then k2tog. This is my favorite way to join in the round! :smiley:

I’ve never heard of this method. Sounds like it would work really well! I’m going to give it a shot on my next in-the-round sweater.

on Knitty gritty they had a show where they did in the round and the guest showed all these different ways to join. She did a real funky one where she used a needle to thred the yarn through the first stich and tightened it to make a real quick join.

My favorite join is to take the first and last stich and swap them (like you’re binding off, one stich over the other) and then start knitting. There are a gazillion ways to join I’m sure. I must have a link for some of them somewhere… :thinking:

i use jackie f.'s method to join in the round, but i cast on one extra stitch to make up for that k2tog so my stitch count remains the same. i usually also work the k2 tog with both the working yarn and my tail yarn, then continue on with just the working yarn. when i get to the next round, i make sure i treat the join stitch as just one, as it has the 2 yarns from the k2tog on the needle.

Thanks for the helpful information and the different methods.
I’ll think i’ll work on the sock pattern now. :smiley:

oops! I forgot to mention that as well. Do you have The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe? That’s where I found this method, including your additional suggestions. I :heart: that book! My local Barnes & Noble can’t keep enough of those little books on the shelf!

i do have the knitting answer book, that’s probably where i got the joining in the round biz from. tons of little tidbits in there and a great size to just pop in your bag - i love it, too!