Knitting - The Great Ice Breaker

I’m in a hotel in WI tonight before heading off tomorrow morning for CO. I spent the evening over at the Appleby’s next door. Naturally I tossed my knitting into my backpack and took it with me.

It never ceases to amaze me at how knitting is such a great conversation starter. There were a lot of ladies who came over to chat with me just because I was sitting at the bar knitting a scarf.

Needless to say I had a good time. :slight_smile:


Knitting at a bar? How interesting. :rofl:

That’s great! I think the novelty of a man knitting combined with the knitting itself really works for you. :thumbsup: :teehee:

:teehee: Jan!

So it would seem :mrgreen:

It was funny, I was working on my knitting at the shop while waiting for them to finish servicing my truck on Thursday and one of the drivers was asking me all sorts of questions about the scarf. He wanted to know how in the world I made the “pattern” in the scarf.

Of course he meant the cables. I showed him how it was done. He seemed truly interested in the whole thing and we talked about it for over an hour. I’m betting he winds up trying it for himself.


I think it’s great that so many other drivers seem to be interested after seeing you knit… :happydance:

Probably. But if not, he’ll make his wife take up knitting. That’s the kind of thing my husband would do. :mrgreen:

heh, might start off a new revolution there Mason.

I’ve always wanted to start a revolution.

WI? I’m visiting db and fam in WI this weekend!
Way to spread the craft! You revolutionary you!
Set off some yarn missiles will ya!:teehee: