Knitting the front and back of sweater with circular needles

I have knit the body of the sweater with circular needles. I know says to cast off 1 st for the armhole, knit the front, then cast off another stitch. Then continue working the front and back separately. How do I work them separately on circular needles?

Just stop when you get to the other underarm then turn and work a WS row, you have to knit flat to finish them separately. You can leave the other sts on the cord, or put them on another needle or stitch holder.

I just got done doing this with the sweater I am working on now. Exactly as suzeeq says. Just knit in the round until you get to the point where you want to start working the front and back. I keep the necessary number of stitches, usually half, on an extra long circular needle and just continue workinging the front with the circular needle I’ve been using.

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