Knitting term help

Hello. I’m knitting a sweater and um doing ribbing and it says end on right side once ribbing measures 3 3/4 inches. What does end on right side mean ? Does it mean to do the last row with the right side facing me ? Thanks

(End on the right side means to rib across on the wrong side. turn at the end of the row so that the right side is facing you and then proceed with the next directions.)

Sorry, brain freeze on this one: end on the right side means that the next sts are on the [I]wrong [/I]side row.

Ribbing is pretty reversible, so what that means is that the [I]next[/I] row will be a WS row, probably in stockinette stitch.

It may or may not matter, someone more experienced will know, but I try to match the last bit of ribbing (k or p) if I’m sewing pieces together. Does it make a lot of difference?

If it’s k1p1 ribbing, I start and end the ribbing with a k1 regardless of the directions. That way, I can seam back to front on knit sts and with mattress st, they will look like another knit st in the ribbing.

can anyone tell me whaqt 3\ means ?

Thanks for any help

Here’s a guide to common knitting charts.

Since ribbing doesn’t really have a right or wrong side, it doesn’t matter where you stop. But when you get to the end of that last row, mark the side facing you as the right side (use a big safety pin) and for the rest of the project you will know which side is which. It does matter in some stitch patterns which side you are working on.
On some things like doing the 2 sides of a sweater, it is confusing having left/right and wrong/right sides, so sometimes you will see the wrong/right sides referred to as private/public sides. Then right side means the side which is on the right side of your body, and public side refers to the side which will be seen when you are wearing it.