Knitting Tension Question

Hi, I’m a fairly new knitter and I knit really tightly. I just read an article someone linked to about loosening up your knitting, and that’s exactly my problem–I give an extra tug (or two…) on the working yarn before knitting the next stitch.

I’ve started a hat–I’ve got about 5 rows in checkerboard (4 knits, 4 purls to the end of round for the first 4 rows, 4 purls, 4 knits for 5-8, and 4 knits, 4 purls for 9-12.) After row 12, the hat goes into either garter or stockinette (I forget, and I’m at work and the pattern’s at home) Should I finish the project off the way I have been knitting, for consistency of tension, or should I try loosening up once I’ve finished the checkerboard part of the pattern?

Thanks so much!

If it fits at the tension you’re using now, it might be too big if you loosen up at this point. I think it depends on the fit.

It is very difficult to try to loosen up if that’s not how you usually knit. You might start off a bit looser but you will naturally go back to how you usually knit. I’d say finish off the project the way you have been, and in the future be really careful about gauge swatches and if you are knitting too tight, go up in needle size until you get the proper gauge. That way you can just knit along rather than having to concentrate so hard on trying to knit looser.

Having said that, if you knit very tightly you would likely benefit a lot from using some of the tips in that article you read about loosening up. Try it on a big practice piece and really concentrate on not giving that extra tug before you knit each stitch. It has helped me a lot. I am not nearly as tight a knitter as I used to be.