Knitting Tension help for begginer knitter

Hi there. Firstly thank you to all those who helped me finish my first knitting project your help was invaluable!

Now that I have finished I need some help with correcting my tension for my next project.

My last project a baby jersey ended up being too small. partly due to tension and partly because it took me so long!

My pattern suggested that 22 stitches per 10cm on this I was almost there mine ended up being 23 however the row tension was way out. It was supposed to be 30 rows per 10cm mine was more like 33.

My knitting definitely got a little looser as I went on.

Could you please advise the best way to correct this? Should I try knitting looser still or should I change my needle size?

If changing needle size how much bigger would you recommend? I was using 4mm (US size 6) Needles would you go up to a 5mm ( US size 8) or use a 4.5mm ( US size

Thank you in advance!

I never worry about row gauge. You can usually just knit a few more or less rows. I go by measurement if I can. For gauge in general you go up a needle size if you knit tight and down if you knit loose.

It’s normal to loosen up your knitting as you relax and this happens to everyone. It also just comes with practice.

What Jan said. And with baby things it’s better to err on the side of too big rather than too small. They grow so darned fast!

Knit at the tension that’s comfortable for you and use the size of needle you need to make gauge. Trying to knit looser or tighter for any length of time gets tiresome and can become painful. My tension has changed a lot over the years I’ve been knitting. First it was tight, then loose, now more like a closer-to-happy medium. The wonderful people here helped me through my first any many more projects.