Knitting teacher certification

Thought some of you might be interested in this.

That is awesome…
Now I just need to find something like that a little closer to home…

Rebecca is so excited she’s stuttering! :wink:

That is pretty cool. It’ll take me a loooooooong time till I’m good enought to teach someone else!

Very cool. Thanks for the link! Are you going to do it?

:shifty: Was it that obvious?? :oops:

:roflhard: Hey, which of us wouldn’t want to get paid to knit??

I think i should atleast learn to purl before going to something like this…or I could just teach all the fun things to make with only the knit stitch!..LOL

You could be a specialist!!! :roflhard:

:roflhard: my Sil hasn’t moved off the knit stitch either but my brother who I showed after she had been knitting for almost a week is working on a knit purl scraf its driving her crazy… and he is correcting her yo and drop stitches… He caught on realllllyyy fast it shocked me :shock:

I have taken the canadian equiv. to this through the knitting guild of canada, and was designated as a master knitter almost 8 years ago now,
It is a wonderful program, that progresses in baby steps and you learn alot about yarn and knitting guage…:slight_smile: