Knitting Tails Into Work

Is there a web site that has a picture tutorial on how to weave the tails in as you knit? I know there is a certain way it can be done but I’ve forgotten how to do it and I can’t remember where or how I learned.

As you knit? Just hold the two yarns together and knit… or do you mean something else?

I don’t generally do this except with some finer yarns. Heavier yarns leave a thick area that IMO shows too much. Depends on what you’re making though.

Yes, as I knit, as in modular/domino knitting so you don’t have to weave in as many tails with a sewing needle.

Okay, then just take the tail and knit the two ends. You sometimes have one end to still weave in, but it helps. :thumbsup:

If you hold the tail and the knitting yarn together, you’re knitting twice as thick.

Here’s how to do it (no pictures I’m afraid):

  1. Hold the ‘tail’ DOWN and knit a stitch (main yarn above the tail yarn)
  2. Hold the tail UP (best to flip it over the knitting towards you) and knit a stitch (main yarn under the tail yarn).

That will weave the tail in the back of the knitting without it showing on the front or adding extra thickness. Doing that for 10 stitches or so will hold it pretty well, do more if you like. Then you can trim the tail off (leave 1/4" if you like).

If that doesn’t make sense give me a shout and I’ll take some pictures.