Knitting t-shirts

There are some hilarious knitting t-shirts at In the search box, type “knitting”. I had fun just reading them. I can’t decide which one I would like. :roflhard:

This is one of my favorites and I plan to order it soon. Should put a stop to some of the stupid questions I get while knitting in truckstops. :rofl:

Mason, that is just right for you!!

haha! i love that shirt! i have a shirt that says “make sweaters not war” and i wear it all the time. i love it.

Omg, I love this one.

How perfect.

That’s hilarious.:rofl:

Yeah I’m thinking about ordering that one too if for nothing else than #7. :rofl:

Great shirts! Thanks for the site.

here’s one

My favorites:
“If I knit fast enough, does it count as aerobics?”
“Cooking and cleaning are for people who haven’t discovered knitting yet.”
“I may be a hopeless yarn addict, but at least I don’t share my needles.”


This is my favorite.

This one makes me giggle :teehee:


:roflhard: Some of these are great!

I like this one:

for xmas my DH got me the shirt that says “knit-aholic” and the mug that says "f** off I’m knitting"
Love that man:muah:

OMG that is so funny!!!

That is awsome! I had other favorites up to that, such as

but that is funny! I may have to order that one right now!:roflhard:

I will have to order one… or two… *It will be difficult to select one favorite shirt.

Thanks for sharing the site… I had run across it last year and promptly forgot about it.

Warning, mildly adlut language

I am definitely gonna get this one, along with several others.