Knitting T-shirts, etc

I’d like to start shopping now for Christmas :o)

I found this Cafepress link with lots of Knitting related stuff. Let me know if you find any good ones!

oh there great :slight_smile:

the once i like are my stash is bigger than yours

oh i gota slow down typing, its getting annoying pressing the wrong thing now, sorry

the other is

i have needles and im not affraid to use them

if i knit fast enough does it count as aerobics

only git time to look through the first page, but will keep on at it coz they look favb


My favorite so far is

[COLOR=Red]I knit so I don’t kill people![/COLOR]

purly birds’s quite good as well,
daily fiber’s good as im into healthy eating
crafty bitch is good as well
i love i have 2 needles you have 2 eyes dont mess with a woman that knits

ohhh there are so many i love on there. i’m going to be buying some if they’ll ship to france.

than you soo much for sharing the site


I remember someone posted this shop on ravelry
I’d prefer a bag over a t-shirt

What a great site, thanks! :yay:

oh GREAT, now I gotta get a second job
AND a first
AND make sure they both pay

I love the pins/buttons
my knitting bags, and car are not big enough for all my wishes for these buttons


Have you tried wearing this shirt?

I told my BF that I needed that shirt when I was taking the bus daily!

I just noticed that Arielluria already posted a link to the site I just mentioned - I love it!! :roflhard:

*** Don’t know how to edit this one out, but I meant to post it in another thread ROFL!!!

This is my favorite too!! :rofl:

Oh I love this one!! :

Click here

Here’s one for Mason:

Here’s one for Mason: