Knitting Sweater--relative newbie--questions!

Hi–just started knitting again after a 30 year absence…I learned as a child. I had a great teacher and haven’t had problems till now–but I don’t know exactly what to do on the pattern at this point. Pattern directions say:

bind off 7 sts, work until there are 8 sts on RH needle (I’m good up to here), join another hank of yarn and bind off center 36 sts, work to end. Bind off 7 sts at beg of next 3 rows. AT THE SAME TIME, dec 1 st at each neck edge EVERY row once.

OK…join another hank of yarn? Does that mean I leave one hanging and knit through with the new one? I would assume so since there will be stitches on the needle that are separate due to the binding off in the middle. Also, I learned to add another hank by doing three stitches, which means the first hank will be three stitches away from the 8 stitches on the needle–does that make sense? Last (I think!), when decreasing 1 stitch at neck edge? Where exactly is that?! This pattern works from the bottom to the top.

Thanks for your help!

Hey radishmom! At first sight it seems you’ve reached the point where you separate the sweater in two halfs (one for each side of the neck) and knit them separately from now on until reaching the shoulder seam.

This is why the pattern asks for another ball of yarn, so you can knit both the right and left sides of the neck at the same time, until you bind off when you reach shoulders. Hope this makes things clearer for you!

This whole thing about necks and extra yarn balls also sounded weird to me the first time I read it on a pattern :wink:

OK–so I just dived in after reading your e-mail and it turned out right. Just needed that extra confidence. I’m so proud of myself! The back is now done and it looks good–at least it looks like the picture! Thanks!

Great! :happydance: