Knitting Sweater for Baby

I am knitting a sweater for for a baby (my cousin) that is 4 months old. I would like her to be able to get this fall and winter season out of it and possibly next fall?

What size should I knit for her??

This is the first sweater I am knitting for a baby. I normally knit for adults.



It kind of depends on Pattern and how big the child is. So anywhere between 6 mos to 12 mos. For my kids I liked clothing a little bigger so they could get more wear.

She’s almost 15lbs 25.25 inches long and 4 months old. The pattern is Bernat Preemie Garter Stitch Set and the finished chest size for 6 months is 20" and for 12 months is 21".
Do you think I should go for the 12 months size??
Thanks Jan.

Since the actually measurements aren’t much different I’d probably go with 6 mos since you want it to fit this year.

Thanks again Jan. I will go for the 6 months size and I guess I will just have to make her another one for when she gets bigger :wink:

Have a great weekend!

I have another question.
The pattern tells me to K19, [yo, K2tog, K11] twice, yo, K2tog. K10.
If I am already doing the knit stitch why is telling me to “yo” but still continue in the knit stitch.
This does not make sense to this Polish girl LOL

It looks like you’re creating a design element in that row. A YO, k2tog will create an eyelet. Give it a try. It often makes more sense once you start.

Hi Jan,
Yes, I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. It is for a buttonhole and now it makes sense. I worked the row and it came out fine.
My numbers before wasn’t working out because I thought the YO while I was knitting was incorrect. Now, I understand that YO or YF can be the same thing and be worked.
I’ve never done buttonholes before and now I can check this off my bucket list. LOL
Thanks again for all of your help!! I truly appreciate it and your help is making me a better knitter!!
Have a great day in CA!!