Knitting supply websites

What are some knitting websites where I can buy circular needles? I need size 35 or 36 and my local store don’t have this size in the length I need.

Anyone know of some websites that might have this??


Knit Picks sells 40, 47 and 60 inch cords for their replaceable needle kits and individual pairs of needles.

Two websites you might want to look at for circular needles are and They carry knitting needles, and might have what you need.

Hope this helps.

I looked quickly at Handsome Fibers and found Knitter’s Pride Basix in US 36 (20 mm). There may be other brands that carry the same size. What length do you need?

I need 40" or 42".


The Basix come in 40" so if you don’t find any you like better you can get those I guess. Handsome Fibers ships free in the US too if you aren’t already aware.

Thanks for that info GG!!! The ones from Hansome Fibers are the cheapest so far.


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I’ve had some luck ordering knitting needles from Amazon - certainly worth a look.