Knitting supplies

Hello group,
I bought stich markers, but I have never used them. Is there a right way to use them? … and how would I use them to keep track of a pattern with them?

Sometimes it is written into a pattern to PM, or place marker, say at the midpoint of something. If you are casting on a gazillion stitches, like for a scarf knit the long way, it is helpful to place a marker every certain number of stitches to help keep count, like every 20 stitches or so. They are also helpful in knittinglace to separate the pattern repeats.

To use them just put the needle right through them.

Thanks I have seen some other little gadgets in the store also is there a website to find all these things at a good price?

If you are looking to save money on the little extras then one way is to use little pony tail holders for stitch markers. I know you already bought some, but they are easy to lose. So if you need more just get them.

I like having the ones that are coverd and the ones that are elastic like these:

I HTH! Sorry I don’t have a website.

You can also just tie a loop of different-colored yarn on your needle for a stitch marker if you run out or don’t have the right size.