Knitting superstitions

The only one I knew about was the sweater curse.

my first thought… ‘franklin habit LIVES!’… you know, since he hasn’t updated his blog(s) in 5 months…

“…sequins in the daytime…” - how very ‘grey gardens.’ :wink:

“Swearing in front of witnesses that you never swatch because you never need to will curse you with seven years of incorrect gauge.” says habit, who confesses on his blog to swatching just for the fun of it. e.g. “there’s a special box of private things under his bed. no, not THAT box, the other box.” it was a funny read.

“A person who enjoys purling two together through the back loops is probably a witch.” true dat. or p3tog, or p3 inside the same stitch, or anybody doing a 24-row pattern with no repeats, or… :wink: