Knitting style

Oh crap. I think I may have a problem!

Okay, when I knit, I use the combined method; but when I purl, I use the continental method. (This happened because I learned to knit from a diagram online; I learned to purl from Amy!)

Anyway, I’m working on various increases/decreases and am really confused about the orientation of stitches since apparently I’m knitting oddly. I know, from Amy’s video, that combined knitters have to make adjustments; does that apply also on continental purl rows?

Does anyone else knit like this? Do I need to decide what I want to be: continental or combined? I love knitting combined because it’s so easy to just scoop the yarn and go–it’s very fast for me, but the drawbacks in more complex knitting & following patterns may not make it worth the speed. (I don’t really have enough experience to know when to follow the pattern exactly and when to make adjustments based on my knitting style.)

I hope I’ve made sense here…

Thanks in advance for your help!

Sorry, I can’t help (I’m continental) but I do have a question for you. I’ve been thinking about trying combined…do you think it is even faster than regular contintental?

I by no means am anything other than another newbie… so I ask this wihout knowing myself… but would you feel comfortable purling the english way so that you won’t have to worry about doing different methods?

Well, I don’t purl combined, so I can’t say anything about it, but the knit stitch is unbelievably fast–no contortion, just in the back, scoop, and out. In fact, it’s really easy for the completed stitches to bunch up b/c you’re moving so quickly.

I’ve been sitting here at the computer knitting continental…very slow. But then again, I haven’t much experience and haven’t established a rhythm. Maybe it will speed up. And, maybe your continental speed is comparable to mine combined since you’ve been doing it awhile!

Hmm…would that make a difference? I don’t even know! My only fear of the English method is holding the yarn in my right hand while also knitting with it…I’m not that coordinated :wink:

What exactly does combined mean? I have held my yarn in my left hand and to knit put the needle thru the back of the loop from the right. Then I purl continental. Is this what you are doing?

Yes, I think so: I hold the yarn in my left hand. I put the RH needle through the back of the loop, scoop the yarn, and bring it through. The purl is definitely continental.

This website is all about combined knitting:

On it is this explanation of the term: it’s a combination of Western (or German/English/American) style knitting and Eastern knitting (practiced in Asia, Africa, South America and Islamic countries.)

Since I don’t use the combined method to purl, I’m not sure whether to make adjustments for decreases/increases. Do you? If not, does everything turn out looking like it’s supposed to? If so, then I’ll just keep going as I have been :slight_smile:

Nope. I couldn’t make it work. I finally got so frustrated that I learned a new knit stitch so I could make things come out right. For example, ssk, slip, slip, knit, well when you knit our way it is a k2tog. I tried to make a pair of socks and had to try to reverse the slants. They came out ok so I must have done something right, but it was confusing and I have no idea what I did to do it again. I found the “right” way in the back of an afghan book. It wasn’t hard at all and now goes fast too. My problem now is that I still like the old way to knit in the round since it is faster, but I have to stop and remember which I am doing. I guess it will get easier. I can email you the page I used to learn it the other way if you want. It was the only time it made sense to me :mrgreen:

Ooh, that would be great! Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

ok does anyone know how I can send a page over email? I just tried to send a page to my kids’ teacher (they are all in virtual academies) and I obviously don’t know how to do it since it came out at 100mb. Way to big to send. I tried to send it as an attatchment (sp?), but that didn’t work either. Help.

Is it scanned in or is it a word document? If it’s word, you can just copy/paste it here.

If not, you might be able to convert it to jpeg, but honestly, I’m not sure…I haven’t done much work with images.

I can pm you my email address and you can email it to me, if you’d like.

I scanned it. I think that’s what caused the problem. I’ll work on it tonight and maybe by tomorrow I will have it figured out. I don’t work much with images either unless it is pictures to put on my knitting patterns, but they are pretty straight forward. :thinking: