Knitting stripes

Hi everyone,

I’ve chosen a very simple hat pattern for my first attempt at knitting with two colours. I’m just unsure whether I should carry the yarn up, or cut it after each row. It’s only a small amount of each colour - yarn A - knit one row, purl one row. Yarn B - knit one row, purl one row etc etc. I’m thinking I should cut it after each row? But I’d much rather have an expert opinion!!

Thanks, :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t claim to be an expert but having done alot of colorwork, I’d take it up the sides if the pattern calls for only 2 rows of each color… This will cause you less weaving in of ends. Mary

I second the motion to carry the yarn up the side; the little bit of yarn up the side will hardly be visible!

Brilliant, thank you both very much!

If it’s only two rows definitely carry it up the side, just be sure not to pull it too tight so that your edge won’t pucker or twist. :slight_smile:

If you have a tendency to snug the carry, try wrapping the yarn around your needle before working the first st. This may afford you enough slack to keep that edge stretchy. Kind of trial and error to see if something you may/may not need to do.


I would carry it up the sides w/only 2 rows of each color. :smiley:

I just finished my first hat with multiple colors you can see it at my blog I carried all of my colors. If I think about it tonight I’ll post pictures of what the inside looks like.

Hey Kim,

Where did you get the pattern for the hat? It’s cool looking. I’m looking to make a hat for husband that he’ll actually wear.