Knitting stripes

When you knit stripes that are one row with each color, how do you manage the color? Because each colour will end up at the opposite end from where you next need it.

From your description I assume you are talking about flat knitting. If you truly want to change color with every row, you have two options:

  1. Use 4 balls (2 of each colors).
  2. Carry the other color on the back side as floats, in the same way as when knitting fair isle.

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If you have a circular needle, you can knit back and forth with it like this for stockinette:

and like this for garter stitch:
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Can you tell us what pattern you’re making?

I’m doing the Novita Rowanberry sweater. Currently I am just weaving the wool I am not using along the back.


The Novita Rowanberry sweater.