Knitting stripes in the round

I’m knitting a pair of mittens, circular needles, and want to make a stripped cuff. I’ll be using 3 colors of yarn, changing colors every third row. Can anyone help me with color changes? Do I clip the yarn at every change?

Also, if I want to mark the beginning row, how do I use a marker?

Thank you so anyone who can help me.


You can carry the yarn up to where it’s needed. You don’t need to cut it–too many ends. When you get to the end of the round, you can bring the yarn in use under the hanging strand to kind of hold it up.

For a marker, you just can tie a piece of yarn around the needle and slip it from one needle to the other at the end of the round. If you have stitch markers, just slip one on the needle and transfer it from one to the other when you get to it.

Thank you Ingrid! I’ll put your suggestions to the test – right now :slight_smile: I misspoke, I’m not knitting these on circulars, but on 4 needles. I’m so glad I discovered this site!!