Knitting straight on Circulars?

I know this may seem obvious but Ive only knitted on circulars where you are joining? How do you knit it without joining? Do you need to put a stitch marker at the beginning of the round still? Any tips?

Just cast on as usual, but then instead of splitting up the stitches, start knitting them as they are. When you get to the end of the row, turn as you do for straights. Basically, just ignore the cable completely and do what you would with your straights… :slight_smile:

I have the Denise set of interchangeable and I love them.:muah:
I knit with my circulars about 99% of the time for straight knitting. I prefer them over regular straight needles.:happydance:

I just bought the pink set of Denise’s. I was hoping to get them today but I work nights so I dont know if they came yet or not. Im glad to hear that you like them!

I especially like using my circulars for straight knitting when it’s something that’s really large, say an afghan or something. It makes it tons easier because you don’t have to squeeze a lot of stitches onto the needle, and you’re moving your knitting needles while holding the entire weight of the project on the actual needle.
Forget about the cable and knit as you normally would on straights. I think once you get through the first row or two, it seems easier to understand. :slight_smile:

You know knitting flat, when you start a new row the wool is coming from the back, attached to the righthand end (the tip) of the left needle?
But in the round, the wool is coming from the back of the righthand needle tip?
Flat on circs is just like on straights with wool attached to the left needle tip, turn at the end of the caston to put that tip/needle in left hand, turn after every row normally.