Knitting Stitches

Can any body tell me how to yf and yb. or is there a video that can show me these two stitches? Thank much
Debbie (DSG)

Those really aren’t a stitch… yf is yarn forward, move the yarn from the back to the front between the needles, yb is yarn back, move the yarn from the front to the back between the needles…

And you can always check heremost of them are there…

Ah, knitting terms!

In English english (UK english) YF and YB are terms used for YO–
The UK knitting terms are different for
YO between 2 knit stitches
YO between 2 purls stitches
YO between a knit and purl stitches
(and no i can’t remember which term is used when! but i just recognize that YF or YB [B]CAN[/B] mean YO (and i just mentally sub YO)

in US english knitting terms, YO is used for all cases.

IN US english, there are sometimes directions for MOVING the yarn (with out making a YO ) especially in Slip stitch patterns

so you need to check the legend to see what the designer/magazine/book means by Yarn Forward/Yarn Back!

(it’s tricky with internet sources, since you might not KNOW if the pattern is written using UK terms or US terms…
(and some Canadian/some of the time use UK terms, and other times they use US terms!) ditto for Aussies, and Kiwi’s!

Many knitting terms and Knitting short hand is identical (US and UK) but sometimes, you just have to find (99% of the times it is there, just look) the Legend that explains what the terms mean.

On Line zines ( requires everyone use Their legend–and many other on line zines have similar standards.
Knitty has a legend PAGE… (and other on line zines do the same.

EVERY ISSUE of a hard copy knitting zine has a legend…
and Every Knitting book (or every one i’ve ever seen!) has a legend too.

LOOK for the Legend…

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