Knitting stitch

Hi, I’m back now that you’ve taught me how to knit socks! Thank you to every one of you who aided!! Now here’s a new thing I’ve never heard of and cannot find anything about in any other place I’ve looked. I figured you guys probably know about this. It’s called an antepenultimate stitch used at the toe of moccasin socks. Any one know about this?? Can anyone explain it to me? It looks like a rounded toe with the center being vertical stitches with tapering stitches on either side of the vertical ones. Hm. Thanks for any help you can offer me.:knitting:

I just wanted to say that I am hoping someone will know the answer to this. Is it a sewing stitch or a knitting stitch.

Antepenultimate basically means “before the next to last”. If you have 60 stitches, the antepenultimate is the 58th stitch.

I knew that minor in Linguistics would come in handy some day. :slight_smile:

Just a Florida Girl is right, I came across this just the other day in a crossword puzzle. :slight_smile:

:doh: I wish they’d just say what they mean in plain english. At least I learned a new term today.

THANK you…I appreciate your help so much. It is a knitting stitch according to the pattern. They use it in making moccasin socks. I remember those from years and years ago. Thanks to all of you!!:woohoo: :knitting:

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]Okay, this all sounds like the setup to a joke, doesn’t it?

[SIZE=“2”]Three stitches go in to the bar.

The bar tender says, “I’m sorry but we don’t server your kind here.”

The penultimate stitch asks, “Just what kind do you think were are?”

The bar tender sighs, “Oh, you’re the ususal kind. Anytime stitches
get together and come into a bar together they think it’s all just a joke.”

The third stitch asks, “I don’t follow, what does a joke have to do with stitches?”

The bar tender explains, “Well when stitches get together its call knitting, so you obviously are ‘knit wits!’”

The third stitch stands up and tie himself into a knot and shakes like crazy, then he says, “Look friend, we are not knit wits so just give us some drinks!”

The bar tender asks, “Then what are you? I say you’re knit wits.”

The last stitch say, “Nope, I’m a Frayed knot!” :roflhard:

Bar tender: “What about your two friends?”

Last stitch: “This is my neighbor, Penultimate and she is his Aunt.”

Bar tender: “His Aunt what?”

Last stitch: “Why his [B]Antepenultimate[/B], of course!” [/SIZE]:doh:


Oh my gosh, did you just make that up?:rofl: