Knitting stitch tips needed for beginner

I am trying to knit a hat (a Calorimetry from I am having trouble knitting the knit 2 purl 2 to make the rib stitch. I keep messing up & before I know it I have knitted 4 and purled 2 or something then the rib stitch gets all messed up & I have to rip it all out.
I was wondering if any of you have ANY tips to keep from mixing up the stitches? I was thinking of putting a marker or something where ever I am supposed to purl a stitch for a reminder or something.
Does anyone have any other ideas?

At this rate I will never get it done.

Thank you!

There’s a Knit the Knits and purl the purls thread that has videos and pictures that show how to do them, and how to tell them apart.

Honest to He Who Writes Knitting Patterns, when it comes to ribbing it should be in bright red, bold letters:


No matter how long you have been knitting, you always have to A) make sure you have the correct number of stitches (especially if knitting in the round) and B) make sure you know your knits from your purls if you’re flat knitting. Then you have to keep track, knit one, knit two, purl one, purl two, rinse, repeat. Ribbing is not a part of your work where you can go on auto pilot like you cant when the pattern reads “knit around for the next 9 1/2 inches”.

Ribbing is not difficult, it’s just incredibly tedious. You have to pay very close attention to your stitches.

Hello everyone!
This is my first time here.
I am not an experienced knitter.
I have only done the knit stitch and am now trying out the purl.
Can you knit and purl on circular needles.
EX: Straight shawl
2 rows knit
2 rows purl.

I would appreciate your help and look forward to getting to know people here. Thanks


You knit and purl the same way on circular needles you do on straight needles, whether you work flat with them or in the round. Do you have a link to a pattern, or more of the rows (not the whole pattern please)? Then we can answer you a little better.

Thank you everyone for your help!
I can relate especially to AngelaR’s reply. That is my problem, to pay REALLY good attention to what I am doing & not go into "auto pilot"
The only thing so far that is working is to say to myself with the thread in the back “Knit 1, Knit 2, then change thread to the front & say Purl 1, Purl 2.” & keep repeating that. When I stop I try to make sure that I always end with the thread in the front to start the next Purl stitch.
I want to master the rib stitch it looks so nice when done (right)