knitting stitch help

I am making a baby blanket, the stitch called for is to K2tog, before taking off the left needle, knit in the first stitch twice . the entire row is p2, k1 then the above. I end up with 6 stitches, but the pattern calls for it to be 7. Am I to knit in the second stitch before taking off? I check the designer web site, no errors on this pattern

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What is the name of your pattern?
It may be that you k2tog and then knit 2 times into the first stitch making 3sts where you previously had 2sts. You would have to use something like a knit front and back (Kfb) into the first stitch.

I went to my LYS and the owner helped me. The pattern forgot a comma, P2,K1 then K2 together, K 1 into the first stitch. Repeat. Instead of “twice” .

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Thanks for reporting back. Good that you had such a knowledgeable LYS owner!