Knitting Stitch Dictionaries

I’m looking for a good comprehensive knitting stitch dictionary and wondered what everybody recommends.

My favorites are all 4 of Barbara Walker’s [I]Treasury[/I] series. They are the most comprehensive stitch dictionary you can buy. Period.

Another series I like are the Harmony Guides.

Readers Digest publishes a book that is a good collection of Harmony Guide stitches (for knit and crochet). It is a good buy at the price:

I was flipping through it at the bookstore, and it even has all the same pictures.


If you don’t mind it being online--

If you really want the best, I would say get the first two Barbara Walker Stitch Treasury books. I have a lot of stitch dictionaries but the others gather dust. Yeah, I know they’re more expensive than the others but they are soooo worth it.