knitting squares

When ever I knit an 8" square it never actually turns out square. Any one have a solution? Thanks.

Are you ending with the same amount of stitches that you started with??

Could be you are dropping stitches lor the tension of you knitting is not consistent.

Corner to corner diagonally will make a nice square. Here’s the basic idea. If you’re going to sew them together you can leave of the border off you want. What are you making?

If you want to make it without knitting diagonally check that you have the same number of stitches you started out with.


What a nice pattern!

The number of rows is not equal to the number of cast ons. It is because the size of the needle and other factors. Best to measure or to a wet blocking to see if it is square. On a pattern such that there is a different designer for every square like the Great American Aran Afghan, it is by measurement and the needle recommended is not always what will work for me as they don’t tell you what style of knitting which was used or if the knitter was a tight or a loose knitter. Yarn makes a difference and this is why you make a swatch. Then you can see the ratio between your width and length and knit more accurately. But in the case of cables, most cause the width to pull in and if you design your own square then you may have experiments to do to work all the factors out.

Hey guys i must have lost something in the translation, how did you know that she was making a dish cloth? I thought she was practicing a pattern or trying to make a swatch for guage purposes. Glad you could help her. Bad me!

That is a pretty pattern Jan.

I don’t know that she’s making a dishcloth. It just happens to be an easy way to make perfect squares so I thought it might be helpful. :slight_smile: It may not be the right thing for what she’s doing or answer her question.