Knitting something really wide/tall?

I’ve only recently begun knitting and I’ve had a question on my mind from the start, and now its come to the point where I need to find out.

How do you knit something really wide or tall, like a blanket or a shawl? I doubt people use 6 foot long knitting needles to hold all those stitches, and in stores, I didn’t see any circular needles that have enough cord to be useful for that.

The answer to this may be quite obvious, but I can’t figure it out.

It is amazing how many stitches will fit on a circular needle. Hundreds, in fact. So needless to say, that’s what’s used for something as wide as a blanket.

I think I read that circular needles will hold about 3 times their length in stitches. So with a 30" one, you could put up to 90" of stitches on it. I started a Pinwheel sweater, and by the BO row I was using 3 circs on it because it was approaching 50" across (which is over 150")


Hi Cassita,

Welcome :hug: … I too am a new knitter …

I cast on 200 stitches on a 32 inch circular for an afghan and when you bunch them all together you could probably get double that amount on.