Knitting some kind of bag

Some kind of a booga bag, but my own kind of creation
I recall seeing comments about Bags
and some vague recollections from patterns maybe??

I saw some wonderful felted fabric in one of my LYS
so i bought 3 Balls of yarn (Reynolds Lite-Lopi)

the needles size is supposed to be an 8
so I M knitting on 11s
I hope it felts down ok, and not to thin, I am NOT an experienced Felter

I started with a split row of cast on and made the corners at each end by increasing before and after each Stitch Marker
next time I will make the row shorter, and end up with a more square bag

but I did a Row of Purl to mark the bottom edge, and have been slipping alternating Corner Sttiches to demark the corners
I made the I-chord for the handle before the bag, so i could have alternating colors and not run out of yarn
now I am just knitting to the end of the ball for each color

I just finished Knitting a Black Beret to felt
I will get a pic before and after felting

for each


Can’t wait to see your photos!

The booga bag is a free pattern online. You can find it with google.

Mama Bear

Are you doing one strand or two of Lopi Lite? One strand on 11’s should be fine. Two strands and the yarn may not have enough space to shrink. Lope Lite had be difficult sometimes to felt – if you experience this (not everyone does so I think it depends on the color and the dye) just keep running in through your machine. Be sure to toss it into a zippered pillowcase when you felt it because that stuff sheds a lot of fuzz.

ok, I finishd Knitting
I messed up on the Bind off and had to TINK the Handle a bit
I had a Cuticle thing my daughter got at the mall and then it fell apart
its that Plastic Netting stuff, so I threaded it to hold the handle holes in place
but here is a Picture of the bag Prefelting
I will felt it today, then take another pic while I block it

I realized i am going to have to get creative with the blocking, as I have NO IDEA what size its gonne be in the end

Here’s a link to some tips for blocking and shaping felted bags
Love the colors!

Here is a pic of the bag I started

and here is a Pic of the bag after a single run of felting

and finally a Pic of it sitting open

:heart: oooh! how cute! I think it turned out well, don’t you? :happydance:

I did not at first
but I am starting to be really drawn to it
plus i get a LOT of compliments on it
my firned asked for one just like it, but not so long
and she wants to pay me for it


It came out beautifully! I haven’t tried a felting project yet, but will give it a go after the holidays. :slight_smile:

I am doing a few more for the hiliday girfts
for people I did not have a good gift to give

the start goes quickly, the edges go forever
but they SHOULD look good