Knitting solution for modesty?

Is there a knitting solution to cover up a deep neckline a bit of a shirt; maybe a pretty scarf or something? Can anybody suggest a good pattern?

Do you mean you knit something with a deep neckline that you want to make more modest? You could try a camisole underneath.

Or did you mean something else?

I have a shirt that has a deeper V neckline than I was comfortable with. I found these lace panels at the fabric store that I stitched across the opening to make it less deep. They aren’t on the bolt, but in flat shrink-wrapped packages that were hanging on the wall. It sort of looked like this, but curved and more sturdy. Hope that makes sense. I couldn’t find exactly what I used online.

Oh I see. So you are wanting to knit something like that instead of buying it? You probably could by using a fairly fine yarn and starting with a CO of 2 or 3 then increasing. If you increase once on each row it will be narrower if you want it to get wider faster then increase on either end so twice in a row.

Yes–that’s exactly what I was talking about–something like that! I could buy it, but I thought it might be nice to knit something. Thanks guys!:muah:

you could always knit a dicky! :roflhard:

Yeah, we’re talking about dickeys…where’s Limey at??? Poor Limey! :rofl: