Knitting Solitude

Beginning Tuesday morning, I will be in Knit Heaven! My son will join his father on their working vacation and the house will be mine!

Hubby’s been gone since the end of December and I do miss his nice warm presence and ability to build a sturdy, long lasting fire on cold nights.

I am very overjoyed with this rare, once a year opportunity and will thoroughly appreciate being able to knit without interruption. I’ve heard the the Yarn Harlot actually has a nice little mountain cabin where she goes to enjoy Knitting Solitude.

There are plans to organize and catagorize my stash and tools. I plan to work on some designs that have been rolling around in my head, if I can decide which ones will require the most concentration. The lights will be burning way into the wee hours of the morning, cause I won’t have to sleep at a particular time!!! These cats had better not get too roudy or I might just shave them all, find a spinner and turn them into blankets!

And then there’s that LYS in Aiken that I’ve been told you can get lost in for hours… No schedule, no phones ringing, no rushing! :cheering: :woot: :woohoo: :yay: :muah: :hug:

Any other suggestions?

I’ve always thought the ultimate luxury is to sleep oneself out and not wake up until one’s body actually says to, instead of the alarm clock.

Enjoy – your plans sound lovely!

LOL! I may try this one for sure!

Oh, goodness…

I’m torn between happiness for you and these pangs of … I wish it were me too! First question - does the yarn harlot rent out her cabin? Next thought - yes you must sleep in until you wake up! That is the best! Organizing is fun, fun for me - whatever time of day you are sharpest is great for organizing, interspersed with quiet moments sipping tea or coffee, knitting, and looking through pattern books for future inspiration/projects. Maybe a shopping time could be planned, after stash and tool organization, [I]just in case[/I] there is anything that is begging to be bought and to come home with you to the newly organized area?

I know you will have a blast - congratulations! You must be soooo excited! Enjoy every minute of it!:hug:

Thanks so much for the suggestions! I am excited and just anxious to be able to just relax. This is MY vacation!

Enjoy your “ME” time Mary. You can eat and sleep as you feel like it and not have to worry about anyone else, other than the pets. How long will your vacation last? Have fun.

Until February 4th!!! Thanks, Sue!

you lucky gal!! enjoy every minute!:cheering:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]No suggestions…
It sounds like Heaven!
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Just a quick P.S…[/
My birthday is coming up… and now I know what I want to ask for…
Thanks for the idea!

Ooo Mary, you are one lucky lady. What a fantastic time to shut out the noise and hassels of the world and focus on something that makes you happy. I think after a busy holiday schedule that most of us have just gone through, we could all use some me time.

Sleep, knit, organize, create and eat whatever you want. Why, because you can.



Hi all, am new to this forum and have a question. I am trying to knit a Shetland Circular shawl and it has instruction *wfwd, K1 then repeat from * until end
*wfwd, K2 then repeat from * until end
*wfwd, K3 then repeat from * until end
Continue until you reach

*wfwd, K35 then repeat from * until end (288sts)

How do I do this as with my first attempt at the above I only end up with 158 sts. AM still new to all this so think I am being stupid.
Is wfwd the same as yarn fwd? Thanks
Do I keep pulling the yarn forward with every stitch? The aim is to increase from 8 sticthes to 288.

Would appreciate some help from the knit pros out there. Thanks in advance…

Wow Mary, that’s AWESOME!!! I love my solitude and uninterrupted time when I manage to get it! Can’t wait to see all you get accomplished!

Good one! :wink:

Yes, yfwd does mean yarnover

I calculate an increase of 4 sts per round;
k2, yo = 12
k3, yo = 16 and so on

When my calculations get to k35, yo there should be 144 sts. It sounds like you’ve added some yos along the way, this being done by not counting the correct sts before the yo. You may have counted 40, yo instead of 44, yo or something to that effect…

Also, when you flip the yo from the front to the back of the stitch, your pattern will change directions in the progression. The yos will go east instead of west.

You can either tink back until you have the correct stitch count (tedious but recommended)

Remove some of those sts by adding skp, ssk or k2tog (this will affect the way your project looks because your yos will be out of balance)

It sounds like it’s a spiral pattern. I’m certainly glad to help if you have any other questions!

Hope you thoroughly enjoy your vacation. My hubby travels alot and I get 1-2 weeks at a time to myself aside from the dogs and horses, so I still don’t get to sleep in, but I love not having to produce meals at a particular time. In summer I lay in a lot of fruit and salad fixings. In the winter I make a big pot of soup and homemade bread to eat. It makes mealtime a snap for me as well as being sure I’m eating healthy.
Hope your time is very productive.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Yarn Harlot could? But … I remember her saying that she has an arrangement with a friend of the family or something for the cabin. :stuck_out_tongue: So it’s not hers, sadly

Yes, but think about it, she has NO stress or worry related to the cabin in regard to paying taxes or maintaining the structure. Truly a port in the storms of life!

Enjoy your relaxing knitting holiday! :slight_smile: