Knitting software

Has anyone used any software programs for knitting?

For designing patterns?



I have used Sock Wizard and Sweater Wizard.

I haven’t done too much designing, mainly just trying to copy kat no knitted clothing I wanted…Like my fleece girl guide vest…it was going to cost me $40 to buy a new one, so I measured it up, and plunked my #'s into Sweater Wizard and made a copy of it on my needles for half the price!

Wow Crychet that’s pretty impressive. :notworthy:

Not really…These programs are set up to do the work for you.

For sock wizard, it is just a matter of plunking in your gauge and foot measurements…

Sweater Wizard is a bit more tricky IMO, just because a 4x4 swatch doesn’t really cover it. Fractions of inches can cause a huge change later in the pattern.

In both cases, I don’t feel like I have broken any great feats. I have not incorpurated my own designs, or stitch patterns…I just don’t feel like my creativity has taken me anywhere far. Just a means to an end if you know what I am saying…

But thank you!

I do it all in my head. To much room for errors.

I have heard that the sweater wizard was the top program to use?

I am looking for something that can change patterns of all kinds up.
Does this work for that too?


I have a mac and none of those programs seem to work on mac. I wish they did!

How do you mean?

SW will give you a basic pattern.

You have your types : Drop Shoulder, Modified Drop (T), Set-In, Raglan, Vest, Shell, Tuxedo Vest.

Then you choose your style: Pullover or Cardigan

Neckline: Crew, Round (scoop), V, Placket, Boat, Square, Funnel.

And then your shape- Standard or A-Line

Some options disappear as you choose things, like you can’t have a tuxedo vest pullover, it has to be a cardigan…etc…

Then you choose US or Metric, if it is for a Child, Woman, Man, Bear, Large Doll or Fashion Doll.

Choose the Chest size, Fabric weight (Light, Medium or Heavy) , Fit (Very Close, Close, Standard or Oversized) and Length (Crop, Top Hip or Tunic)

Next you drop in your gauge and then you are brought to the schematic where you can fiddle with the little things. You can change pretty much any of the measurements, and there are drop down menus to allow for things like collars, or additional neck lines like Turtle necks and cowls. Button Bands and such are there too, and I have never used it myself, but you can even put in your stitch repeats somewhere too…

It is handy. But again, my main problem with it, is because your sweaters are bigger projects, I find my swatch is never good enough and after knitting the first 4 inches or so of the sweater, I find out my true gauge and have to re plug in my gauge.

Oh, what I mean is, sorry, nothing to do with sweaters.
Just doing patterns and changing them up with the software. different stitches, needles, gauge etc.

I use one called Knitware Design which is similar to Sweater Wizard.


That one looks pretty cool.

Don’t see why you couldn’t change up other patterns, it would just be a matter of measurement and gauge…