Knitting software

Are there any programs available where you can DESIGN a pattern?
For example…tell what size needle, how many stitches…and what kind and voila you could SEE what you design ahead of time?

Hmmm, something like that would be pretty handy.

I have a G5 Imac…I think there are things out there for Microsoft but not sure how they work.

[color=indigo]This program for Mac and Windows might be what you’re looking for: Knit Visualizer


Wow, $135?

Now I remember why I switched to Linux :rofl:

My recollection is that they’re pretty expensive.

There are many knitting software programs. Here’s a link to a few of them. Not sure if they are what you had in mind. Google can help you out, too.

Knitting software

LOL just out of curiosity I did a search for Linux knitting pattern software and believe it or not I did find an application that can be used to convert an image file to a knitting pattern.

I’m going to download and install it to see how it works.

Sweater Wizard is excellent – I’m not sure if it’s available for Mac though. I went to a workshop at my LYS that was a how-to on all the features, and it’s amazing. Like it’ll tell you how many yards of yarn your pattern will use as you configure it – very handy.

Does any of this software show a PICTURE of what it will look like knitted up? I think this would be easy to do with today’s softwware capabilities.
I checked out the one and it shows the pattern as you make it…but I didn’t get to any step that will show the fnished facsimile.
Amybody know of one that will do that?