Knitting socks

Hi there, I am interested in knitting some socks. I found a patterns that I want to try but the largest size is for feet that are 10.5 inches long. My feet are 11 inches. I was wondering how I would change the pattern to make the socks fit me.

Would I use bigger knitting needles and if I do how much bigger would I go?


No, you don’t need to change the needle size. Just when you get to the foot part after you turn the heel, it will say to knit for 8.5 inches, then start decreasing for the toe. You should knit for 9 inches, then start decreasing for the toe. The toe part is usually about 2 inches, so the 9 + 2 = your 11 inch foot. I am assuming your sock pattern is top down (top of the ankle, down the leg and then the foot to the toe).

Here is a really good sock tutorial, if you need it:

You wouldn’t need to use bigger needles. Just keep knitting the foot of the sock for an extra half-inch more before begining to shape the toe. The neat thing about knitting socks is that you can make them exactly the right size for your foot!