Knitting Socks

I decided to try to knit a pair of socks. I’ve never done socks before, but I figured it would be OK because I started my 3rd knitting class (I’ve only been knitting 1.5 years) and if I got stuck, I thought my instructor could help me.

I’m stuck. I don’t understand one part of the pattern. My instructor couldn’t help me because she doesn’t understand it either!

I knit the cuff. Now, I have to knit the leg. The pattern for the leg is called “Slipped Handpaint Rib Pattern.” It says:

Rounds 1-3: *K3, P1; repeat from *.

Round 4: *K2, yo, K1, P1; repeat from *.

Round 5: *K1, sl 1 wyib, drop yo from previous round, K1, P1; repeat from *.

Round 6: *K1, sl 1 wyib, K1, P1; repeat from *.

Repeat Round 1-6 for pattern. Slip all stitches purlwise.

I understand everything but “drop yo from previous round.”

Does anyone know what that means and how to do it? Help will be greatly appreciated.

It seems to me that they do not want you to work the yarn over that you make in Round 4, simply remove the stitch from the needle (but do not place it on the right hand or working needle). It will probably look like a little bar in between the ribbing. Kind of like the “Clapotis” in Knitty. HTH.

Thank you, Mystery_Gyrl! I’ll try that.