Knitting socks

kind of the same subject as " I finally caught it" How do most of you knit socks? With DPN’s or that magic loop? I tried to teach myself the magic loop, but I didn’t do very well, but I am not all that crazy about the DPN’s either, but I guess I may have not worked at it long enough yet to “get it”


My very first pair were on DPNs and took me forever (moved to England in between sock one and two). Working on second pair now with two circulars, and LOVE IT. Once I got used to changing needles, the sock is flying. Almost sad that it will be time to start number two soon. And now that I have the mechanics down, I will do two socks at a time with my DS’s pair.

I taught myself to knit with 2 circulars using this site
and this one:

I use the 2 circ method for any circular knitting I do any more - can’t remember the last time I used dbl pts.

I have yet to make a serious attempt to learn magic loop. The few half-hearted attempts I’ve made, I quickly gave up for 2 cirs as I knew I could get started on the next project immediately rather then struggle with ML any further.

I already own 2 circs in 24" or 29" in most sizes I use. I do sock 2 at a time, so I’d need to buy new longer cirs for ML. As I’d rather spend money on yarn then needles, I don’t have a lot of incentive to learn ML.

I always use DPN’s…would like to eventually try magic loop (with one circular) but it is difficult to step outside of my comfort zone…

I really like Magic Loop, but have recently also started using the two circs method. You may find the two circs method easier to master and it does work quite well.

I taught myself how to knit socks using two circs from the “A Good Yarn” pattern book (Lydia’s Socks). When I heard about the magic loop technique, I quickly learned from a tutorial on the web, and now do most of my socks with magic loop (one long circular).

I love DPNs…all those needles…people think your very clever knitting with 4 needles!!!

i have to agree - the 4 DPNs do lok impressive to non-kntters:teehee:

i have onl used DPNs so far for my circular knitting. would like to give the 2 circular method a go next, although ialso have my eye on a pair of toe-up socks so we will see how it goes.

I started a sock a few months ago, messed it up and had to rip it out…and am just getting back to it this morning after all that Christmas knitting! However, my Christmas knitting did include a bunch of stocking ornaments and some slippers, so I have the basic idea of socks.

I use two circulars. I think I could manage dpns pretty well (did a couple of small projects on those a while back), but I really love the ease of two circulars, and I have them in the sizes I need, so it’s two circs for me.

I’m using DPN’s, they are kind of hard at first, all those needles, but pratice does help. And it seems to be a lost art, in a way.
DPN’s were all my mom used to make socks and mittens. So I have hoards of them.
ANd I agree, people who don’t knit are just amazed by it…lol

I first learned on 2 circulars, then DPNs. I much perfer the 2 circular method and have just become accustomed to the 16" length cable. The reasons I like the circulars so much are that I don’t have to worry about losing a needle (I ride public trans. a lot) and the method is just easier for me to carry about. So far I feel pretty confident in adjusting any DPN pattern to 2 circulars.

I use Magic Loop for all my small diameter circular knitting. It just worked better for me than DPN’s. I might try the two circs method as well just to see how it works.

They were my first socks too! I love wearing them. But I hated the needles I used; Boye 16" circulars - the joins were BAD. But I plugged away.

Well…I guess my avatar tells you what I typically do…but honestly–it is easier to transport small diameter knitting on two circs. I love both methods really but I haven’t tried magic loop. I think Silver’s sock tutorialis really the best place on the web to learn the method of your choice.

Thank you all for your replies! I don’t have the correct size circulars, so I think I will give the ole’ DPN’s a try again…


I’m using Silvers toe up on 2 circs method for my first pair of socks. It’s great :cheering: I got my first sock done with out too many mistakes and I’m onto my second sock now:woot:

I’ve only given the ML method a half-hearted attempt, but I actually find the dpn’s easier. I don’t have to worry about sliding everything around, I just knit and knit and knit. I was thinking about making my DD some new socks so maybe I’ll try it again and attempt the 2 at once thing. That would be handy…

I have tried all three methods of knitting socks. I love my dpn and that is the method I use all the time. I did try all the others the ML was a mess and the two circulars I am still trying to master.:roflhard: I think I am going to stick to my sticks:roflhard: :roflhard:

I also use dp needles for socks, gloves, and mittens and really like them. When I need to transport I just fold the knitting so all the needles line up and put rubberbands around each end. I carried my knitting on the plane that way so I could work in the airport, on the plane, and at my MIL house. I never lost a stitch.

It may be the silliest reason for a preference, but after trying ML for a while (not on socks, but a similar project), I’m sticking with DPNs because they’re just more elegant. There’s something gangly about having those two useless loops hanging off and (frankly) getting in the way.

There was also somehing rather annoying of having to stop every half-round and pull the cables through when I knew I could still be happily knitting away were I using DPNs.