Knitting socks

I am new to knitting socks. I have done two “practice socks” before venturing out one the real things! I tried different needle sizes and yarn. Does anyone have a favorite sock yarn that works well for them?

Go to the search page and type in ‘favorite sock yarns’. You will get lots of threads that have discussed sock yarn.

Mine is Socks that Rock. But it’s also the only one I’ve used.

I like Kroy sock yarn, it is easy to knit with, 100% washable wool & comes in lots of neat colors :cheering: ! It’s also easy to find. A great source of yarn for all sorts of things, not just socks, as well as kits, books etc. is Hope this helps. Happy socking![color=darkblue][/color]

Ummmm…I’m not discriminatory. If it’s labeled as sock yarn, it has high potential to become mine for the knitting. I just love knitting socks!

My absolute fave is Opal.

I just got some KnitPicks gloss and am LOVING it! Pretty colors, not splitty, not tooo thin. BUT, it has no nylon/elastic or other stretchy stuff. It does not feel springy like many wool sock yarns, and the silk in it means it does not feel like it has a lot of give. But the ribbing I have made with it is wonderfully stretchy!

Do you usually get two socks from one skein of the opal yarn?

I get two socks from a skein of Opal plus a goodly sized ball left over. And that’s with an 7 to 8 inch leg and a 9 or 9-1/2 long foot. I’ve done some simple patterns but assume that you could knit just about anything and have enough yarn.

Oo-oo Laura, I have 2 hanks of Gloss in the pumpkin colorway waiting in the wings. I wanted silk socks and thought it was a good yarn. Glad to hear you’re lovin’ it.

So far I like Lorna’s Laces and Opal.

I want to try Trekking and Socks that Rock next.

My least favorite is Reggia. I though it was Opal but it was actually Reggia I knit my last pair on and I didn’t care for the yarn. Felt a bit too “Acrylicy” to me. I’ve started on a pair with Lorna’s Laces and I’m loving it so far…

so far I’ve used:
Jojoland Melody
Trekking XXL
Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock

I like all of them, except the Jojoland is scratchy.

I love Socks That Rock lightweight superwash merino, but haven’t done socks in that yet.