Knitting Socks

I have always wanted to knit socks even though I have never knitted anything in my life. I bought myself some dpns and worked through an online tutorial (cometosilver sock tutorial) Considering it was my first attempt at knitting anything, it didn’t turn out to bad. The sock was unwearable, but at least it looked like a sock.

For reasons unbeknown to me everytime I try to knit a sock I always end up with the right side of the sock on the inside and the wrong side facing me. I then have to turn the sock inside out when I come to the heel, then I get totally lost. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, before I go totally insane.

Many Thanks

It sounds like you’re knitting on the inside of the ‘tube’ rather than the outside.

The working needles should be closest to you with the other needles away from you. Think of it as drinking from a glass–you sip from the nearest side.

You can also check out Amy’s video on circular knitting if you’d like a visual.

You’re very brave for attempting a sock first time out!! :cheering:

Thanks Ingrid. I am still a bit confused, I must be doing something wrong when a first join the stitches. I watched the video but it was the continental version which was fascinating to watch but confused me even more. I will keep at it, hopefully one day it will all fall into place.

Hi Jules,
I’m a beginner also AND did socks as my first project…AND did my first sock inside out LOL So I know exactly what you mean. I finally got my kniitting on the right side so hopefully I can translate.

When I join I just keep knitting (or following my pattern) for a few rows so I have something to hang onto. Then I purposely turn the work so that my working needle is closest to me and the 2 other needles are pointing away from my body. This way I’m actually knitting on the outside of the group of needles. When I was doing it inside out I was literally knitting on the inside of the group of needles and the non-working needles were closest to my body.

Did that help or just make it worse? :shrug:

I did this with my first sock.

What you need to do is cast on all of your stitches and then divide them among your needles.

When you join, postion the needles so that the first cast on stitch is on the left needle close to you and the last cast-on stitch is on the needle in your right hand close to you (the working yarn will be coming off of the right needle). The back needle will contain the middle stitches.

The needles will look like this:

\ /

Now join into the left needle. Your stitches will then be stitched on the outside.

Happy sock-knitting! :happydance:

Thanks for all your help and advise, it finally twigged tonight after about
30 attempts, now I can stop stressing about that and start to have nightmares over picking up the gusset stitches, which didnt go to well the first time, I might be back for some more help then, but that will be a couple of nights off. Thanks again :hug: